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Security Netting

Security Netting For All Situations

All of our security netting can be bought online including fabric safety nets, steel core netting, wire mesh panels and privacy netting. We manufacture all of our own netting and can make nets to your specific requirements. We also offer a netting installation service through our sister company Huck Tek

Bird netting is a popular form of os security netting because it is lightweight and has a relatively small mesh size. Bird netting is best used to cover large areas, such as garden centres and shopping precincts. It is an effective solution for preventing access in vulnerable areas. 

If you require something stronger we highly recommend purchasing our steel core netting or wire mesh fencing. Steel core netting and rope is one of the most effective solutions for securing properties. It cannot be cut through with standard tools and has the appearance of normal netting as it is has a steel core coated with netting. It's useful for situations where you want security to be aesthetically pleasing. 

Alternatively, you can purchase wire mesh fencing on rolls. We offer and range of different gauges to suit your requirements. This is once of the most common types of security fencing used in retail and domestic projects.  

Privacy Netting

Finally, privacy netting can be used in conjunction with security netting and wire mesh netting to add an extra degree of security. We sell privacy netting is a wide range of different weights and sizes from lightweight debris netting to heavy-duty close mesh netting. 

Most of our privacy netting can be attached using cable ties making it quick and easy to install and remove. 

If you have any questions about our security or privacy netting please contact a member of our team who is more than happy to help with your purchase. Call 01308 425100 or email enquiries@hucknetting.co.uk.