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Cricket nets and cricket ground equipment from Huck Nets. Cricket cages, sight screens, ball stop netting, training aids and more.

To protect crowds and property around cricket grounds and training grounds clubs often use ball stop netting. Ball stop cricket nets have a small mesh that stops the ball from passing through. This type of cricket netting is therefore very strong and can be used over large distances. It is usually attached to poles or posts around the ground. It can be purchased in green or black to suit the application and made to bespoke sizes. 

If you are looking to buy cricket nets and equipment online we have a full range of products to choose from. We sell a mixture of cricket netting, cricket ground supplies and cricket training equipmentYou can purchase everything you need from your pavilion clocks to propagation sheets to cricket pitch boundary and marking equipment. Most of our items are available for delivery in 7-10 working days within the UK. 

Other cricket supplies that we offer online are cricket sightscreens and cricket scoreboards and score boxes. We also sell a number of training aids. These include bowling machines, slip catch cradles and rebound catch nets. Whatever cricket ground equipment or cricket supplies you need this season Huck Nets can help.  

If you are interested in purchasing a bespoke cricket net, a standard cricket net or would like to know more about our indoor cricket net installation service please get in touch with our team. They are experts in all aspects of netting. Our team will help you to find the best solution for your needs. Contact them today on 01308 425100.