Sports Netting

Sports netting, ground equipment and training aids 

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Safety nets are an essential piece of equipment in the construction industry. Contractors will often install a safety net system as a fall prevention method to protect workers by minimising the maximum fall height, preventing serious injury.

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Bird Proofing Netting & Spikes

Bird proofing nets, anti-bird spikes and wire systems

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Industrial Netting

Skip nets, lorry nets, lifting nets, rack nets, anti-litter nets and more

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Netting & Rope

Netting, ropes and cords for a range of purposes

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Huck Nets UK manufactures made to order and custom netting solutions

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Established in 1996, Huck Nets UK is the largest manufacturer of made to order and bespoke netting in the UK. Blending traditional and modern techniques, our world-renowned knotless netting can be made to any shape and size.

We are best known for producing custom netting for use in construction, sports and industrial projects. Additionally, we produce bespoke netting solutions for domestic use and for use in bird control. All of our netting can be purchased online using our netting calculator

football nets

Full Size Football Nets (Pairs)

Explore Huck Nets' range of full-size football nets for sale to prepare your pitch for your game. We have a selection of goal styles to suit all types of 11-a-side football and professional match level. Read More

football ball stop net at aston villa training ground

Football Ball Stop Netting

Keep your football grounds, stadiums and gardens safe with our selection of football ball stop netting. Our range of top-quality ball stop nets is designed to absorb the strongest of impacts from footballs, all whilst keeping out potential intruders from the field. Read More

Golf Cages

Golf practice cages from Huck Nets are ideal for club, professional and home use. All golf cages are supplied with high impact-resistant knotless netting for a complete and robust unit.    

fall arrest safety net

Fall Arrest Safety Nets

Made to EN 1263-1 standards and supplied with tags and patches. 

bird netting protecting a  building

Bird Netting

Shop a huge range of top-quality, UV-resistant bird netting suitable for home and commercial use. Various mesh sizes and strengths in made-to-order sizes to provide effective protection against birds. Order online now!  

heavy duty garden netting

Garden Netting & Rope

We manufacture and supply a wide range of garden netting for commercial and home use. Keep your plants protected and garden safe with our netting by ordering online today.    

Freestanding golf practice net 3m x 3m x 3m

Golf Cages

freestanding golf cage and net 3m x 3m x 3m 

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