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Cricket Scoreboards & Boxes

Among our extensive range of professional cricket supplies you will find a large selection of cricket scoreboards. Within our scoreboard and boxes range we offer standalone cricket scoreboards, mechanical cricket scoreboards and cricket scoreboxes with scorer's hatches. We're proud to be able to carry cricket products that suit every size of cricket club and budget. 

For smaller cricket clubs who are looking for a portable scoreboard we recommend having a look at the portascore folding scoreboard, the portable aluminium cricket scoreboard and the freestanding compact cricket scoreboard. These scoreboards are light and easy to manoeuvre with a key benefit being they are very easy to store. They offer great value, are built to high standards and are used by many clubs up and down the country. 

For mid-sized cricket clubs that may be looking for something more permanent a mechanical cricket scoreboard could be a good choice. The units come with the appropriate holes pre-drilled so they can easily be fixed to a wall or existing board. As well as offering the mechanical units and numbers we also offer mechanical scoreboard sets should you require all the components.   

For larger clubs looking for big cricket scoreboards we supply larger cricket scoreboxes with a scorer's hatch. These can be purchased as a fixed base or as a wheeled base scorebox depending on your requirements. There is also the option to buy just the ply scoreface if yours needs replacing.   

We also offer a fully digital cricket scoreboard which can be closed for safe transportation and digi style scoreboards. These come in a small or large size and are made from black external ply with a timber surround trim. The digi number units can be purchased in either white or yellow. If you require spare telegraph numbers or hook on cricket scorecard numbers these are also available to buy online.