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100mm Mesh Knotless Polypropylene Netting - Made to Order

£ 10.80 * GBP 3.60 * excl. VAT: £ 9.00 Shipping cost * inc. small size surcharge of: £ 7.20 (200%)

Article number: 212-100
Ships in approx. 5-7 days

Price is per m2 and can be made to any size required. we charge surcharges on smaller nets.

Description Properties
Article number: 212-100
Available colours: Green (01)
White (02)
Orange (03)
Blue (04)
Yellow (05)
Black (06)
Red (07)
Hemp (08)
Ships in approx. 5-7 days

100mm Mesh Knotless Polypropylene Netting - Made to Order

Our 100mm mesh polypropylene is a very versatile netting solution. It’s a heavyweight net that is mainly used for fall arrest safety nets but does have a number of other applications including:

This netting is manufactured from 5mm diameter polypropylene and has a mesh size of 100mm (4"). We use this heavyweight netting for a lot of high performance jobs where strength is essential. If it is being used as a man safe net this netting will require a border rope to conform to BS EN 1263-1. 

Technical Specs

  • Net Size: Made to order
  • Mesh Size: 100mm
  • Net Diameter: 5mm
  • Reinforced sewn edges approx 5-7mm
  • High tenacity knotless polypropylene netting
  • UV protected and weatherproof

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