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Anti-Vandal Sports Netting

Anti-vandal mesh and netting is perfect for playing fields and pitches that are unsupervised. Anti-vandal mesh is available in different sizes and weights that makes it suitable for a range of different sports and situations.  

Anti-vandal mesh for football is one of the areas in which we specialise. Mahulan steel netting is a very strong type of netting that has a stainless-steel wire strand core. This makes it almost impossible to cut through with any type of standard tools. Another option is to look at steel core polypropylene netting. It comes in a diagonal mesh formation and conforms DIN EN 749 making it suitable for handball games too.  

As well as football netting we manufacture anti-vandal mesh and netting for other sports including anti-vandal volleyball netting. Our volley ball net with wooden posts is made from super-strength Hercules netting which has a 5mm diameter and a 100mm mesh size in rhombic shapes. Hercules volleyball nets come complete with anti-theft tensioning jacks that are fitted to the posts. The posts tat support the volleyball net are pressure impregnated and have steel plates which are to be embedded in concrete.  

DRALO volleyball nets are another popular type of anti-valdal sports netting. DRALO nets are made from galvanised stainless-steel wire ropes with an approx. 2mm diameter. This type of net can be used with standard volleyball posts. DRALO volleyball nets measure 1m x 9.50m in accordance with the international regulations. The mesh sizes of these nets is 100mm. 

Safety and stop nets are manufactured from Hercules rope in our UK factory. Hercules netting is made from polypropylene that has a 6 strand steel core. These reinforced textile nets are most commonly used to partition fields and to stop balls from going behind goal posts. They are available in a range of colours (on request) and have a mesh size of 100mm with a net diameter of approx. 2.5mm-5mm.