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Metal Football Nets

Our metal football nets are constructed from incredibly tough and durable steel-core ropes, providing superior strength and longevity. Suitable for public parks, schools, and open pitches where vandalism and heavy usage may be a concern. Order direct online today.


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Product overview Metal Football Nets
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„Goalie“ slam space goal

"Goalie“ Slam Space Goal - Mesh Size 13 x 13cm

Article number 4666-130-K
Unit price
£ 5,414.00
"Goalie 2" slam space goal

"Goalie 2" Slam Space Goal

Article number 4665
Unit price
£ 4,426.00
Article 9964-01

Mahulan Steel Practice Pitch Goal Net

Article number 9964
material diameter 1,25/4,75 mm
mesh square
mesh size 100 mm
Size 3 x 2 m
top and bottom depth 90 x 110 cm
material PP with steel core
Unit price
£ 527.00
Article 4664-01

Reinforced Textile Practice Pitch Goal Net

Article number ST4664
Length Futsal 3,00 x 2,00 m
material Hercules rope
material diameter 5 mm
mesh diamond
mesh size 100 mm
Frame size 3 x 2 m
Unit price
£ 573.00
Article 4064

Dralo® Practice Pitch Goal Net

Article number 4064
material steel, galvanised
material diameter 3 mm
mesh square
mesh size 100 mm
top and bottom depth 90 x 90 cm
Unit price
£ 1,014.00
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Metal Football Goals for Training & Practice

Our metal football nets and goals are the best choice for public parks, schools, and clubs, providing the most durable and long-lasting option for training and practice.


These nets are made with our signature Hercules rope, featuring a steel core braided within polypropylene, making them incredibly durable and resistant to cutting and tearing. The netting is extremely strong, ensuring it can also withstand the force of powerful shots.


The textile net is UV-stabilised, adding extra longevity to the outdoor lifespan of the nets, lasting season after season. You won't need to continuously replace your football nets with our high-quality, sturdy metal goals.


A select range of our nets also come with steel goal frames*, hot-dip galvanised for added weather resistance. The posts are ready for concreting into the ground, providing a stable and secure foundation for your goal.


The Best Anti-Vandal Football Nets

The quality and strength of these goals make them a very popular choice for anti-vandalism measures. The durability and sturdiness of the net and frame make it extremely difficult to damage or destroy, deterring any potential acts of vandalism.


For open public parks or pitches where the goals will be left unattended, our Mahulan and Dralo® Practice Pitch Goal Nets are a fantastic choice. The Dralo Goal Net offers the highest level of vandal-proofing, constructed with galvanised steel wire rope which cannot be easily cut or damaged.


The Mahulan Practice Pitch Goal Net is also a great option, with its knotless polyester netting and steel core rope. It also has additional edging ropes to further prevent damage and prolong the net's life.


All of the nets in our range are great choices for anti-vandalism measures. You can order directly online or give us a call to discuss any bespoke requirements, such as net size and rope colours.




What is the Best Anti-Vandal Football Net?

Our Dralo® Practice Pitch Goal Net is the most durable and vandal-proof net in our range. The net is constructed from galvanised steel wire with a 120mm mesh size, making it incredibly strong and resistant to cutting or damage.

We've also used a noise protection design, meaning the net has minimal contact with the posts to prevent any sound disturbance during play.

Are These Metal Football Nets Suitable for Professional Football?

Yes, our metal football nets are suitable for all levels of play, including professional-level football.

Please get in touch if you'd like to customise the colours of your net – we can offer a wide range of options to match your team's colours.

What Metal is Used for Your Anti-Vandal Football Nets?

We use incredibly tough steel to make our anti-vandal nets. The steel core is braided within Hercules rope, which is also extremely strong and durable. This combination creates a net that is super tough, proving very difficult for vandals to damage.

Do You Supply the Goal Frames With Your Nets?

*The goal frames are not included with our Dralo, Mahulan, and Reinforced Textile Practice Goal Nets.

However, we do supply galvanised steel frames with our Goalie-Sport Football Area Goal and Goalie Slam Space Goal.