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Golf Driving Nets

Driving Range Nets

Golf driving nets are one of our most popular netting products. This versatile netting solution can be used as a driving range net and as practice netting in your back garden or garage. Our unique and world-famous knotless netting is super strong, UV resistant and weather-protected making it perfect for indoor and outdoor use. 

Golf Range Nets For Golf Clubs

We manufacture golf driving nets in three weights, heavy-weight, mid-weight and standard-weight. Each weight is suitable for use as impact and ball stop netting with heavy-weight netting best suited to golf cages and scenarios where balls are hit from a short distance. The use of baffle netting is also advisable for golf cages.    

Mid-weight and standard-weight driving range nets can be used as safety netting at the side of driving ranges and as roof netting where driving ranges are covered. Chipping and target nets can also be made or replaced with this type of golf netting.

Golf Driving Nets For Home Use

We've recently seen a huge increase in the number of customers using our driving range netting to create golf cages and golf driving nets in their back garden which is fantastic! You can see some examples on our Facebook page.

Because we manufacture our own netting we can cut and stitch netting to any size and shape. This means if you have created a golf cage frame in your garden or garage we can make bespoke netting to fit it perfectly. 

To buy golf netting online simply enter the dimensions you need into our netting calculator and place your order. If you need something a little more bespoke get in touch with our team. They are more than happy to help. Email enquiries@hucknetting.co.uk or call 01308 425 100.