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Multi-Purpose Netting

Huck Nets are the leading manufacturer and supplier of knotless netting in Europe. Huck nets have supplied netting for all uses, from light weight bird deterrent netting to heavy weight personal safety and fall arrest netting. We supply a variety of different mesh sizes and twine thicknesses to suit whatever you need the net to do. If you need help or advice with any netting requirement please do not hesitate to contact us.   

In our general netting section you will find a range of different netting solutions. Netting can be used for a range of different purposes and knotless netting is a very popular choice. Ball stop netting for example can be used at stadiums while also being put to good use in the garden. Fall arrest safety netting is used on construction sites but can also be used as ski slope netting.  

Scaffold netting and scaffold debris netting are used on construction sites to stop debris falling when building or restoration work is taking place. It’s a very cost-effective solution and is very easy to install. It can also be used on top of fall arrest safety netting which can manufacture in a range of different mesh sizes, colours and net sizes. We can create bespoke netting or we do have safety nets in standard sizes with border rope.  

As well as netting for sports and industrial use we also stock a lot of knotless netting than can be used in the garden. Garden netting is softer and some has an ultra-fine mesh to protect crops from pests. Climbanet can be used to support plant growth and our fruit cage netting is perfect for protecting fruit from birds and other pests. If you require knotless or knotted bird deterrent netting for any other part of your home such as solar panels, we can help you with that too.