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Full Size Football Nets (Pairs)

Full-Size Football Nets 

We stock a range of full-size football nets in various colours, styles and sizes. All of our Huck goal nets are hand-made in the UK using our globally recognised knotless netting. Our goal nets are the #1 choice for grassroots football teams through to professional clubs. 

We are proud to supply the highest quality and best value full-size football nets to teams across the UK and championships, including the UEFA Euros and the FIFA World Cup.

Buy The Best Football Goal Nets

You need to think about four key things when choosing the best football nets for your club. These are the size of the net, the style, the thickness and the colour. 

We offer two sizes of goal net, which are senior and youth. Senior or full-size football nets measure 24’ x 8’. Youth sizes are smaller, measuring 21’ x 7’.

Football nets come in three main styles:

  • Continental goal nets
  • Box nets
  • Straight back football nets

Continental and box style goal nets have a roof, whereas straight back nets form a triangle shape straight down to the ground. 

The thickness of the netting is essential too. We use knotless netting, which is strong and more durable than knotted equivalents. We also make football goal nets in different thicknesses from 2.3mm to 5mm heavy-duty nets. 

Goal nets can also be bought online in a range of colours to match your team strip. Nets can be made in two colours or more in various styles, including diagonal stripe football nets, vertical stripe goal nets and hexagonal mesh.

As we manufacture all of our football nets in-house, we can accommodate custom colour combinations.  


Metal Football Goals Single Football Goal Nets Full Size Football Nets (Pairs)
  • Size
  • Goal Net Style
  • top and bottom depth
  • Colour
  • mesh
  • material diameter
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