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Golf Practice Nets

Golf Practice Nets Made To Order

Buy golf practice netting online for golf cages, golf driving ranges and general golf practice net set-ups. Most of our netting has a 20mm-25mm mesh size making it suitable for a range of uses across the course and practice areas. Our knotless netting is stronger than traditional netting as we do not use knots to join each mesh.

Whether you're looking for replacement golf practice nets or a new set-up we can help. All of our netting is manufactured in-house meaning we can create nets to bespoke shapes and sizes. So, if you have a cage or set-up that you didn't buy from us originally, we can still supply you with a replacement practice golf net. 

Our golf practice nets can be bought online in stock sizes or you can use our netting calculator to buy any size you require. Our knotless golf netting is UV protected and weatherproof making it suitable for use indoors and outdoors. 

Creating A Golf Practice Net At Home

The number of golfers creating their own practice set-ups at home has increased dramatically in recent months. Because of this, we've had a lot of enquiries from customers about buying golf practice netting for use with frames and cages they have made themselves. 

When building and installing a golf cage we recommend using a 20mm mesh heavy-duty golf net around dies, back and roof of the cage. In addition, you should also install a baffle net.

Golf baffle nets are designed to be used as a second layer for high impact use, they should be installed 300-500mm in front of the back nets and installed along the top only to allow them to billow with impact.  

The last thing to consider is a golf mat, which can be useful if the cage is built on a hard surface like concrete or gravel.